Richard's References

As of 2021 is a very dated (a decade old!) selection of references, opinions and comments on topics of interest to entrepreneurs thinking about starting a business and raising money from VCs. Multiple conflicting opinions are presented because there is no right answer. All these are worth reading - some more than others, but that's for you to decide! Disclaimer: these represent the opinions of their respective authors and not those of Richard Dale, nor of my employer.


A little whimsy: VC Truisms as seen on my twitter stream.

Starting Up

Founder Agreements

Packaging and presenting

Business Models

Angels and VCs

Talking Termsheets and Terms

Now we're cookin'

Or we're not ... help!

Hiring (and firing)

Board, not bored

Exit ... pursued by a bull

Now you want to be a VC

And for the faint of heart ... (who don't want to start their own company or be a VC)

VentureCyclist Blog

Read the blog here

This series of articles compares Venture Cycling to Venture Capital... the most recent article is added at the top of the list.